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The Economic Bill of Rights

 "True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence."
People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which cheating becomes & dictatorships are made.

In our day these economic truths have become it selves as evident. We have witnessed it all and experienced,
so to speak: 
the Rights under which a new basis of each own personal security and prosperity shall all-time be
supported and established for all — especially for family men as of fathers, regardless of station, race, or creed.

The right of every family to a decent home & easier transports between distances

The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing, and recreation

The right of every businessman, small at 1st; is at highest absolute-achievement shall all time be praised,

to have freedom: ever to be released from unfair competition & ugliest attempt of disgust-domination of others

The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health; to be the strongest

The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment

All of these rights spell security:
We better start prepare to move forward, with
 new goals of human happiness and well-being.

These are our selection of words at most preferable.

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